Scotch Eggs with Garlic Butter Parmesan Fries

June 29, 2014

The signature or national dish of a country or state or city can be counted on to be interesting and delicious, because it has been around for ages and has been perfected by numerous cooks. A whole country can’t be wrong, can it? Unfortunately I am not going to be able to visit every country, [...]

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Oven Roasted Fries with Garlic Butter & Parmesan

June 13, 2014

Now that grilling season is here, I will be seeing quite a number of burger patties coming off the grates. There is nothing like the flavor of beef cooked over an open fire, or in my case, glowing coals, on a toasted bun with all the fixings. And what I love with my burgers are [...]

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Chile Verde with Pork & Ancho Chile Sauce

June 4, 2014

If you have been following along with my story, you know I moved into an apartment last January. I looked at several in the area I wanted to live, but fell in love with mine immediately. It’s interesting how you just know when it is a match. You walk from room to room and it [...]

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Grilled Shrimp & Potato Tomato Avocado Salad

May 24, 2014

Memorial Day. The kick-off of the summer grilling season. We wait all year for this day, don’t we? Well, I do. So I wanted to make a stellar salad with grilled shrimp and all my favorite salad veggies for this venerable holiday. Not only tomatoes, avocado and grilled little potatoes, but also olives and red [...]

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Springtime Apricot Cake at Grace-Marie’s Kitchen

May 17, 2014

Springtime Apricot Cake was the dessert recipe for the recent Easter Family Brunch class at Grace-Marie’s Kitchen at Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach. This wonderful cake was the ending to a delicious luncheon which also included Easter Banana Muffins, Roasted Shrimp & Pineapple Salad, and “Croque-Madame” Brunch Gratin. Grace-Marie has always made such good desserts [...]

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Lamb Shepherd’s Pie & Parmesan Ricotta Potatoes

May 8, 2014

I’m a little late to the St. Patrick’s Day party with my Lamb Shepherd’s Pie, but it was the photos I saw during that celebration that inspired me to make my own version. So now I am suggesting Lamb Shepherd’s Pie for your Mother’s Day brunch. See how neat I worked that in? But really, [...]

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Pork Pot-Stickers with Lemon Soy Ginger Sauce

April 30, 2014

About a month ago I showed you how to make your own gyoza wrappers, and then I left you hanging. You were probably thinking to yourself… but, but, but…what about filling and cooking them? Well, truly, I wouldn’t leave you in the lurch like that, but after I made them it was dark outside, so [...]

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Rib-Eye Carpaccio with Salmoriglio Oregano Sauce

April 23, 2014

In my experience, there are two kinds of beef people. On one side of the spectrum are the rare or medium rare guys, who want theirs soft and red, possibly still kicking. And waaay on the other side, the well-done guys, who for some unfathomable reason, want theirs gray throughout with the texture of leather. [...]

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“Croque-Madame” Brunch Gratin with Asparagus & Prosciutto from Grace-Marie’s Kitchen

April 15, 2014

“Croque-Madame” Brunch Gratin was the entrée recipe for the Easter Family Brunch class at Grace-Marie’s Kitchen at Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach last week. I have to say, this Gratin was one of the best things I have eaten recently, with buttery crusted bread topped with Swiss cheese, prosciutto, asparagus, béchamel and a beautiful egg [...]

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Brunch Roasted Shrimp & Pineapple Salad from Grace-Marie’s Kitchen and A 20 Year Anniversary

April 12, 2014

Easter Family Brunch was the theme of the Lunch With Friends class at Grace-Marie’s Kitchen at Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach last week. Who doesn’t look forward to a holiday brunch, with delicious dishes set out on the board and you get to fill your plate to your heart’s content and your tummy’s satisfaction. The [...]

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Chocolate Pecan Rugelach with Apricot Preserves

April 2, 2014

You know how it is when you move, all the friends and relatives want to come over and see the new place. I wasn’t quite up to a full-blown dinner party, but I did want to have some nice little tea and crumpets for them to nosh on, after the grand tour. Lol. The grand [...]

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DIY Gyoza Wrappers + My New Apartment

March 25, 2014

Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a little flour and water? I wanted to make pot-stickers, but I’m not that big a fan of factory-made wonton and gyoza wrappers, so I decided to make my own. They turn out great and are really worth the time and effort. To me, wonton wrappers are [...]

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Irish Soda Bread for St. Patrick’s Day

March 12, 2014

I just put my corned beef brisket in the oven and I am so excited to be preparing for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration. This year I decided to make soda bread to accompany the corned beef, potatoes and cabbage. Such wonderful dishes to remind us of the Auld Sod.
The old authentic recipe for soda [...]

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My Vintage Russel Wright American Modern Plate

March 7, 2014

I was paging through the recent Martha Stewart magazine and on the very last page was an article about the Bauer Pottery Company and their relaunch of the Russel Wright American Modern line of pottery, which in the mid-20th century was the most popular dinnerware in the U.S. I read the short article and after [...]

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White Chocolate Orange Scones

February 15, 2014

I have been making this scone recipe since around 1996, as I recall. I don’t remember where the original recipe came from and it has gone through several permutations. This is my favorite Sunday morning breakfast, accompanied by a big cup of great coffee. I only eat them on Sunday, so I look forward to [...]

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