What camera do you use?

My first food photographs for this blog were taken with my point and shoot Sony DSC-W150 Super Steadyshot.

I bought my digital SLR Canon Rebel T1i with a 60mm macro lens on September 14, 2009 from Paul’s Photo in Torrance, CA.

As of February 11, 2013, I am now shooting with a Canon Rebel T4i with the 60mm macro lens, also bought from Paul’s Photo.

Did you take any photography classes?

I took beginning Digital SLR 101 classes from Paul’s Photo. They taught the basics of the digital camera, simple Photoshop and, really important, how to organize and label your photos in your computer.

I took intermediate Digital SLR classes at Silvio’s Photo in Torrance, CA. They taught what all the buttons and menu items were about. We had an assignment each week which we shared with the class.

I took a second intermediate class with the South Bay Adult School. We had assignments using the menu settings and I learned how to make a panorama in Photoshop, which was really cool.

I went to the two day food styling and photography workshop put on by Matt of MattBites and Denise Vivaldo of Food Fanatics. With Matt’s help, I was shooting on manual for the first time. Very exciting.

Did you create your website by yourself?

Are you kidding? Without a whole flock of people this blog would not exist. I would like to thank:

My husband, Scott, for getting Photoshop Elements 7, my external hard drive, DVD drive, Nero and card reader, and installing them. Then teaching me how to use them. And for cheering me on and moral support.

Gaby Dalkin, of What’s Gaby Cooking, whom I met at the MattBites workshop, for introducing me to her web designer, TC Dawson Designs. Gaby encouraged me and invited me to blogging seminars. Without her this blog would not exist.

TC Dawson Designs, who created this beautiful website, interpreting my ideas with intelligence and patience. A lot of patience. Then taught me how to use WordPress.

Casey Figlewicz, of Figlewicz Photography, who advised me about what camera to buy and sent me to Paul’s Photo. Thank you for insisting that I have a slideshow in my header. If you need a wedding photographer, this is the photographer to help you.

The people at Paul’s Photo and Silvio’s, who taught me about my camera, critiqued my photos and answered all my dumb questions.

Do you write your own recipes?

I do create my own recipes. I also have been clipping recipes from magazines and news papers since about 1967 and have a file cabinet full of them. They are some of my most prized possessions. I have only known I needed to know their origin since September 2009, so I will give credit if I can.

Do you take your own photographs?

All of the photos on this website are my own, unless otherwise indicated. All of the photos are protected by the Creative Commons License, so please don’t use them without asking first. Then link them back to my website.

What classes were you required to take at UCLA Culinary School?

Oct 1991 Introduction to Fine Wines
Jan 1992 Principals of Cooking I
Apr 1992 Principals of cooking II
Jul 1992 Principals of Cooking III
Sep 1992 Advanced Cooking
Apr 1993 Intro to Pastry & Baking
Jun 1993 Intermediate Pastry & Baking
Sep 1993 Pastry & Baking III
Nov 1993 Pastry & Baking Internship – 150 hours
Jul 1994 Professional Cooking Internship – 185 hours
Jan 1996 Bar Management/ Mixology
Apr 1996 Foodservice Safety & Sanitation

What blogging platform do you use?

WordPress Thesis Theme

What browser do you use?


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