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My Food Photographs as Art ~ A Homage to My T1i

February 10, 2013

Well, here I am without a camera. On Friday, my trusty Canon Rebel T1i was sent off to the Canon Factory Hospital for a diagnosis and an estimate. I knew something was wrong when I had to shoot those Orange Biscotti on two different days, taking about 100 photos and none of them were in [...]

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Chef Paul McCullough’s Cookbook Photo Shoot

October 5, 2012

Remember back in 2007 on The Next Food Network Star, there was that cute young Hollywood Celebrity Chef and Caterer Paul McCullough, that everyone was sure was going to be the winner? Even Anthony Bourdain. And then it got to the Iron Chef Challenge with only four contestants left and he was eliminated that night! [...]

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Studio Lighting Food Photography Class with Professional Food Photographer Christina Peters

April 1, 2012

Isn’t this an outrageous photograph? The size? The colors? The sharp focus? This photo is not about a recipe, although you could use the idea for a lovely tomato salad with an herb-y vinaigrette. No, my photo is about the lighting. Studio lighting with two 500W Eiko Photoflood lamps in 20” soft boxes, one pointed [...]

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Natural Light Food Photography Class with Christina Peters and Amy Paliwoda

January 29, 2012

This past Saturday I had the great pleasure of attending the Natural Light Food Photography Class taught by professional food photographer Christina Peters and prop, still life and set stylist Amy Paliwoda. The class took place at Christina’s Marina del Ray studio and there were 10 of us students, which was a great student/teacher ratio. [...]

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The Food Porn Laboratory

August 14, 2011

Spicy “Crack” Krab Cakes from Starry Kitchen

The full title for this post is actually “The Food Porn Laboratory Sponsored by Starry Kitchen featuring Pulitzer Prize Winning LA Times Photographer Kirk McKoy & Award-Winning Photojournalist and Photo Editor Ken Kwok”. Quite a mouth-full. But all true.
Last week my friend Michele sent me an urgent email saying [...]

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Photo Shoot with Food Photographer Jon Edwards and Food Stylist Denise Vivaldo

June 11, 2010

Recently I had the amazing good fortune to attend a food photo shoot for an international food market with the world-renowned food photographer Jon Edwards at his studio in Monrovia, CA. Also sharing the spotlight were preeminent food stylist Denise Vivaldo of FoodFanatics, her colleague Cindie Flannigan, with Jeff Parker assisting. I had never [...]

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Photography Class with Raiko Hartman

February 26, 2010

I have been taking a photography class through the South Bay Adult School, one night a week for ten weeks. Our teacher, Raiko Hartman, is an award winning photographer who has been a successful commercial photographer for over 20 years. His work focuses on people and product, so that is what I have been [...]

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Food Styling & Photography Workshop ~ Day 2

January 21, 2010

When I arrived at Matt’s studio Sunday morning at 9 o’clock, everyone there was working on their food and setting up their props on trays for their photo set-ups. Matt announced that we would be shooting two set-ups at a time on two tables in front of the big double garage door-sized window that was [...]

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Food Styling & Photography Workshop ~ Day 1

January 20, 2010

In September 2009 I was reading MattBites and discovered that Denise Vivaldo of FoodFanatics and Matt Armendariz were teaching a workshop for food writers and bloggers in November. I was absolutely thrilled because it was just what I needed to finalize my commitment to do a food blog. If I went to the class, I [...]

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