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Corn Bread Tartlets & Linda Steidel’s Cooking Class

February 6, 2010

I have taken a number of cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma from a wonderful teacher, Linda Steidel. I look forward to her classes, not only for the recipes, but to watch her cooking techniques and see what equipment she is using. The thing about cooking teachers is they have to get everything prepared and cooked within [...]

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Food Styling & Photography Workshop ~ Day 2

January 21, 2010

When I arrived at Matt’s studio Sunday morning at 9 o’clock, everyone there was working on their food and setting up their props on trays for their photo set-ups. Matt announced that we would be shooting two set-ups at a time on two tables in front of the big double garage door-sized window that was [...]

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Food Styling & Photography Workshop ~ Day 1

January 20, 2010

In September 2009 I was reading MattBites and discovered that Denise Vivaldo of FoodFanatics and Matt Armendariz were teaching a workshop for food writers and bloggers in November. I was absolutely thrilled because it was just what I needed to finalize my commitment to do a food blog. If I went to the class, I [...]

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Chopped Salad and Tim Hogan’s Cooking Class

January 13, 2010

I love to go to cooking classes. They can be participation or demonstration, it doesn’t matter, I love them all. If I’m lucky I will find a recipe I want to make myself or I may learn about a new technique, a new cooking gadget, or new product.  I get to be with people who [...]

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